Hues of blue, gradients of green and the smell of Aegean cuisine. Step into Azura restaurant and experience all aspects of Aegean, from interiors to cuisine. At Azura, we aim to bring an authentic Aegean experience, with inspiration drawn from the continents surrounding the Aegean coast, to London’s idyllic and bustling Camden. Azura is the perfect place to experience an innovative dining experience, boasting fragrant, punchy yet refined flavours whilst allowing our diners to make lasting memories, guaranteed to leave you anticipating your next visit!


We have created an alluring atmosphere here at Azura, paying close attention to every detail, from the smell of our cuisine to our intricate interior details. Introducing our newly refurbished restaurant. Whilst you are made comfortable at your table, our staff will help you make the best choices when it comes to selecting your dishes, ensuring you have every chance to experience the distinctive Aegean flavours and quality of our food. Our attention to detail, both in our cuisine and interiors has allowed us to bring forward an idyllic dining scene to the bustling streets of Camden – a true place to unwind and share the unique Azura experience. 

The small plate dishes found within our menu take inspiration from the Aegean, marrying cuisine and interior. Our talented chefs have creatively curated a culinary selection of dishes designed for sharing – perfect for any seasonal occasion. Each dish compliments the other as the fusion of flavours and ingredients are tastefully enhanced when consumed collectively. Our Chefs have spent months in Kusadasi, Marmaris, Bodrum, Cesme, Samos, Mykonos, Crete and Sifnos, researching and planning the details of our menu, ensuring the flavours are reflective of the traditional Aegean flavours, whilst also adding a modern and unique twist to these much-loved and well-known dishes.


Upon walking into Azura, you are welcomed into a large, modern space which is sure to leave you feeling excited for the evening ahead. With a focus on neutral elements intertwined with bold colour and subtle patterns, the interior at Azura clearly demonstrates sophistication whilst focusing on space, shape and colour. Naturally, when stepping into the Azura restaurant you should feel at ease, surrounded by the hues of blue, green and gold interior.

Whilst inspired by the blue skies of the Aegean, the interior offering is constructed from three elements to make the dining experience one to remember each time. Our restaurant has an emphasis on indoor and outdoor living, and guests are also encouraged to explore our Mediterranean inspired garden area, leading into a lush, deco interior space topped by a terrace which makes for the ultimate all-season dining experience.

Picture your ultimate escape along the Aegean coast, looking out to see the crystal clear waters, taking in a breath of paradise. At Azura, the sense of freedom you breathe in on the Aegean coast is the experience you will receive when you first walk through our doors. You will no longer be on the busy streets of London, but instead will be transported to the beautiful coastal scenes of the Aegean sea.

Azura is the perfect setting, whether it’s our Terrace, Garden, Bar or Restaurant, it is a place to escape and is a place where you come to unwind from a very busy London. Azura will transport you to the Aegean coast not only with our well executed Aegean dishes but also with our ethnic electronic music played by guest DJs.