The unique flavours of Aegean

Celebrating key Aegean ingredients such as olive oil, Azura brings you a variety of uniquely flavoured and curated dishes. At Azura you can find Aegean classics including stuffed vine leaves, traditionally filled with olive oil, rice and herbs. This dish captivates gourmet flavours due to its unique ingredients, derived from Turkish and Greek cuisine. These flavours are often integrated into Aegean cuisine, using local ingredients and highlighting popular regional dishes including Kabak Cicegi Dolmasi (stuffed zucchini flowers), Sevketi Bostan and Sea Beans.

Individuals of Aegean descent especially favour popular dish Kefal Dolmasi, and luxury seafood including lobster, shrimp, squid, octopus and stuffed mussels. At Azura, you can find an extensive variety of seafood incorporated into core dishes, bringing the authenticity of the Aegean. You can expect to find dishes such as grilled king prawns, sea bass ceviche, midye dolma and tuna & scallop tartare, guaranteed to tantalise your senses. We ensure that all seafood dishes are fresh in order to truly deliver the Aegean coastal experience with every bite.


Meat varieties are also very popular in skewer or kebab style in Aegean cuisine. When visiting key areas including Bodrum, Alacati, Izmir, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete, cokertme kebab, saganaki, chicken shish kebab or lamb souvlakis should be on your list of must-try Aegean dishes. At Azura, we have created our menu around these local dishes. We recommend enjoying any of these dishes with a meze of Tzatziki, Hummus or Tarama.

Whilst highlighting the prominence of meat and fish in Aegean cuisine, you can also find a variety of vegetarian dishes on our menu. Beetroot & feta salads or Greek salads are often found around the Aegean dining table, either as a main or meze dish. Other commonly eaten salads include samphire, cibes, radika, labada, lentil and bulgur. All of our salads are made from fresh ingredients – a true essence of the Aegean coastline and islands.

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The Aegean Experience

Azura makes for the perfect dining environment with friends and family. Offering a wide range of sharing platters to appease the cheese fanatics, meat lovers, seafood connoisseurs and more, you can dine with confidence that you will leave satisfied. To experience the true taste of the Greek islands, we recommend trying our Greek antipasti platter, encompassing traditional Greek flavours. 

Whether you are visiting for a light bite or would like to try some more of our menu items, Azura offers a range of side dishes to suit your appetite and palette. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you choose the most suitable small plate or side dish for your meal. You can expect to find dishes such as truffle mash (an Azura favourite), garlic samphire, pilav, Greek salad, homemade pita bread and more!

Experience the Aegean coast and true Aegean cuisine at Azura. The lure of the Greek islands awaits you.