Our Story

Azura brings forever summers to wining and dining within its alluring setting. Inspired by the blue skies and shores of The Aegean Sea, Azura brings a new take on dining. Offering a tempting selection of meze style dishes within a menu designed for sharing, bursting with a fusion of extraordinary flavours. Culinary delights are accompanied by hospitalities found within Aegean cultural traditions.

An Epic Dining Experience

Azura’s offerings are constructed from three elements that collectively make for an epic dining experience.

Guests are greeted with a Aegean inspired garden, leading into a lush, deco interior space topped by a terrace where one can escape from the hustle and bustle of Camden’s urban scenes.

Best Bar and Restaurants in Camden- London
Best Bar and Restaurants in Camden- London

Egyptian Revival

Our Bastet motif is a symbol used to protect our brand and guests whilst also paying homage to our neighbours, the greater London house building. Formally known as the Carreras building, this monumental structure showcased the very best of Egyptian Revival Architecture and needed to be celebrated by us as a sign of admiration.

Azura will evoke the senses, rekindle relationships, and create new memories between all who come and experience it; a cool blue breeze is coming at the start of a new chapter for all to be a part of.