September 4, 2022 8:00 pm

DJ Regina

Bio: Appropriately described as “eclectic, vibrant, and soulful,” DJ Regina brings to the tables an unmatched style, mixing various genres and giving listeners a unique flavour of hybrid beats and rhythms. She has an uncanny ability to effortlessly transition to some of the hottest and rarest multi-genre hits from funk/soul/disco to house/deep house/oriental/techno vibes. Regina’s versatility is second to none and her distinct sound emanates a vibe that leaves no dance floor empty. Ukrainian 26 years old rising DJ and professional ballroom dancer. After 15 years of ballroom dancing career and obtaining Musical Degree, she recognized that her passion in music is unsurpassable. Regina’s strategy for success is simple: she feels the pulse of the crowd and connects their emotions to tracks that elevate those feelings. Combine flawless mixing with a powerful party presence and it is no wonder why promoters keep calling, crowds keep listening and she keeps on spinning.