September 10, 2022 8:00 pm

Fake Italian

Bio: Having played at venues and events in London and across the globe. His musical style and dynamic sets create the scene for an unforgettable occasion. Pete is great at interacting with the crowd and is known for his uplifting and unique sexy house tunes. By creating such an atmosphere behind the decks, he leaves guests craving more. Based in West London, with many years of experience behind him. He takes his music seriously and has a genuine passion for it, going right back to when he was 16 and bought his first pair of monitors. Having travelled to a multitude of different countries, Pete has gained an insight to many cultures and invaluable life experiences which has positively influenced his music career. Spinning at many high profile parties, private celebrity events and business functions. He has taken his DJ sets to some of the most sought after and desirable parties in town.