Baldo Percussionist

Fuses soulful pop harmonies and melodies with Afro-Latin drums, creating a unique blend of electronic and organic upbeat rhythms. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, he grew up in a family of folkloric musicians. First approaching music through the richness of Afro Venezuela percussion to explore the roots and traditions of his people, and then with the guitar, the instrument that has connected that heritage with more universally known musical styles, such as pop, Soul and Funky. His music is denoted by contrasts, encompassing the grief of self-exile as well as the pleasure of discovering new cultural and artistic perspectives.

Upon his arrival in London in 2014, Baldo VerdĂș founded Tonto Malembe, an acclaimed Afro-Venezuelan fusion band, which performed at major festivals including the Latin American Film Festival, Secret Garden Party, London Remixed Festival, Vagabond Festival and Glastonbury

In 2019 Baldo VerdĂș decided to focus on developing a solo career.

The outcome of an intense year of work is an album of tracks which fuse soulful pop melodies with Afro-Latin drums, creating a unique blend of upbeat rhythms.

The first two tracks released at the beginning of 2020 Kareliona and Bailando epitomize Baldo’s recent exploration into the world of pop, with a doing that transports the audience on an exotic journey and is guaranteed to fill dance floors.